Preview – New Xtreme Gaming Arts Movie

Hey, what’s up!
Here’s the preview of my new movie… =P

Frags: Skadi
Edition: Skadi (Fabio Gomes)
Music: The Prodigy – Voodoo People
Game: GunZ: The Duel

With u want to see in Vimeo, take a look in my Channel:

Or with u prefer youtube, use this link:


Moving on…

Today, I’ll stop my life…
Stop, go back and restart everything!
A new begin, where some errors can be fixed.

Probably a temporary work in MaxiHost Datacenter
I wanna go back to studies…
Hm, I’m needing more travels too haha…

In this year I want to meet Ass too! haha
I’ll explain, Ass is just a nickname of one of my friends
For now, i’m editing a new miniclip, to thanks a friend, and planning with another friend how can we reset the internet haha o_o’

More tests…

Hey everyone, what’s up!
Today i’m testing some rendering projects at sony vegas…
The test was made with a XGA Intro, in 1280×544 resolution. If u want, u can download the video here:

And see at vimeo here:

Vimeo Link:

I wanna best quality, but uncompressed videos sux ;/


Well, I uploaded this video just for test…
For now this is a test, perhaps turn a movie, who knows… (: